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A new American musical about race, family and healing amid the hostility and violence of the 1960s, which still resonates today.

Green Book at the ready, sandwiches packed, and hearts full of hope, a black driver, a housekeeper, and her daughter join their white New Jersey employer in her gassed-up 1963 Buick and drive to Selma, Alabama, encountering external racism and explosions of violence while also confronting their own interpersonal emotional demons.


"When We Get There says it all in the title. Although the show has historical and meaningful time stamps, it reaches beyond and makes its audience sit with what was and challenges them to ponder our current state of affairs now. The message of this show is more important now than ever."

— Broadway actor Q. Smith


"I’m smitten! When We Get There is wonderful. The songs are terrific. Your show touches me. You can count on me for any support I can offer. I so admire your courage, your patriotism, your talents. Your show is brilliant and so timely. With its small cast and small orchestra, it will be a dream to produce. It is TIME FOR THIS SHOW!"

— Kary M. Walker, former executive producer, Marriott Theatre / Lincolnshire, Illinois


ROSE SHAPIRO, 60, a widow from Ridgewood, New Jersey
TERRANCE WITT, 44, Rose's driver and handyman
MARY JACKS, 38, Rose's housekeeper
DAWN JACKS, 16, Mary's daughter